Credit Risk Consulting

credit-riskWe can help develop solid credit strategies to optimize and strengthen the front-end process with proper controls and procedures that create a strong infrastructure to better protect the bottom line.

Our consultants are experts in the billings and accounts receivable process. We can provide insight to help make informed credit decisions.

We can help design and implement effective strategies for every stage of the collection process from early delinquency to work-out.

We understand the impact the accounts receivable can have on your cash flow and ability to borrow against your receivables.

We can help you with the development of reports necessary to improve your credit and collection process. We can create customized reports to meet specific needs.

We Have Solutions That Increase Your Bottom Line

Credit Risk Assessment

Our consultants provide on-site assessments to evaluate your accounts receivable process and offer professional guidance to strengthen the front end process to help mitigate risk and reduce operating expenses. We provide expert advice to help establish proper policies and procedures that close gaps in the process. We will offer suggestions to reduce DSO.

We understand the impact the accounts receivable can have on your cash flow and ability to borrow against your receivables, and we have the expertise to develop solid credit strategies, well-defined policies, relevant collection procedures that will improve the overall performance to protect the bottom line.

Process Consulting

We work with companies of all sizes to help establish well-defined accounts receivable controls and processes. We provide industry expertise in the development of solid credit risk controls, proper billing, and best debt collection practices.

We integrate solutions that give you strong controls to manage the accounts receivable process. We share insight on best practices to maintain, design and implement a fluid procedure that includes credit, billing and collections.

Sales Contract Review

Working with our partner attorney’s we can work directly with you to draft new agreements or revise current contracts to improve contract language that protects your rights and strengthen your position in case of disputes. We draw on our collection experience to include language that will minimize disputes and the need for litigation.

Training & Development

Aldun Group is a leading provider of customized credit management training programs for companies of all sizes and industries. Aldun Group will present a custom tailored collection seminar for in-house credit/collection departments in the logistics, supply chain, transportation, industrial, retail and manufacturing industries.

Our seminars can be customized for other industries as well. Our seminars will teach your collection personnel how to navigate the collection process, utilize effective negotiation techniques, overcome objections and maintains the integrity of the client relationship and to determine the best course of action to resolve the debt.

Our senior management is available for interactive, hands-on in-house training workshops at your facility to help get your staff to optimum effectiveness. We can help your business succeed and grow in every aspect of accounts receivable.