Litigation Management

iStock_000008099654XSmallWe have a preferred partnership with a global network of attorneys who specialize in business debt litigation.

Our experienced paralegals communicate directly with the attorney to manage the legal proceedings on your behalf if and only if standard collections are unsuccessful.

Litigation is always as last resort, less than 5% of all claims placed with our firm require litigation. We never engage legal counsel without express client approval.


Results you can take to the bank.

Litigation Collection

Prior to any legal action taken, our partner attorney will send a 10 day final demand notice.

Should it become necessary to file suit, we will inform you of any costs associated with the case, and will not engage the attorney without written authorization.

We believe it is important to evaluate the return on investment prior to any recommendation to pursue legal action. We carefully review the potential costs and the likelihood of a favorable outcome to determine the suit worthiness. Not all claims will warrant litigation.

Aldun Group can collect in any state in the U.S. and internationally. We are licensed, bonded and insured in all states and jurisdictions that require licensing and/or use an attorney in the debtor’s local area for litigation purposes.