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“If you want results and hands on solutions, to your receivable challenges across the Globe, then Aldun Group is the team to call, Scott Leeds, CEO, has performed, where others have failed, both here and offshore.”

Bob Oduguwa

Accounts Receivable Manager (MNX / Global Logistics), March 5, 2020

Debtor Testimonials

“The Aldun Group contacted us on behalf of their client MNX Global to resolve outstanding invoices due and to collect on the receivable. Scott Leeds was a wonderful person to work with. The level of communication, professionalism and commitment to work with us were truly outstanding. They are not just concerned for their clients, but also their clients’ customers.  It was a pleasure to work with them. We look forward to working with MNX Global in the future.”

Demetri Xydas

CFO (Jet X Aerospace), January 26, 2020

Professional Services

“Scott Leeds has always done a great job of communicating with our clients and me balancing the tradeoff between getting the tough job of collections done and maintaining great internal and external relationships. Scott has the qualities you cannot teach and are therefore hard to find. I would recommend Aldun Group to any organization with accounts receivable issues.”

Mark Nielsen

Founder (Accretive of San Diego & Indiana), August 12, 2019

Professional Services

“Aldun Group provides us with back-office collection support working with over 900 partners nationwide. They provide an excellent service and manage the white space between treasury, accounts receivable, billing, partner and client to get all bases covered in the revenue cycle. I will gladly recommend Aldun Group to any company with debt collection issues.”
Patricia Weeks

Director of Accounting Operations (Complete MD Solutions, LLC), May 21, 2018

Professional Services

“Aldun Group CEO, Scott Leeds is a dedicated professional and he’s one of the best in the business. He will provide a fantastic service in a short period of time. I would recommend them to any company that’s having collecting issues and are in need of professional collection services.”
Ken Peeples

CEO (Supreme Recovery Services, LLC), February 20, 2019

Professional Services

“Thank you for the professional assistance provided by Aldun Group and yourself over the past four months.  The recovery of outstanding receivables from a group of mostly former corporate partners was a difficult engagement, and the success we had was in large part due to the diligent efforts made by you and your firm.”
Randal Atkinson

Sr. Director of Taxes (Spherion Financial Network), January 11, 2020


“Scott Leeds was responsible for our corporate Credit and Collection. He brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to our company and consistently exceeded our goals. Scott has excellent communication skills and the ability to resolve disputes while maintaining the client relationship. I highly recommend Aldun Group to any business that has debt collection issues or needs professional guidance with establishing proper controls to increase revenue and minimize bad debt exposure. Aldun Group is our choice when it is necessary for outside collection assistance.”
Jeff Thornton

Corporate Controller (Surgical Information Systems), November 22, 2020


“When Scott worked for me, he was given very aggressive collection goals and he met or exceeded them every time. Scott is able to achieve these goals because he has the unique ability to maximize collections while also maintaining strong client relations with a recurring customer base. The Aldun team would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”
Eric Johnson

VP Finance (MedAvant Healthcare Solutions), September 3, 2020

Professional Services

“Scott has been a proven performer at Tatum. His demeanor, drive, and determination have represented our clients well through many complex, multi-faceted negotiations. Scott’s unique ability to quickly separate relevant facts from extraneous material kept all parties focused on bottom-line results.”
Dennis Bush

Principal (Tatum, LLC, SFN Group), February 13, 2016

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