Commercial Debt Collection

collections-debtSpecializing in commercial debt recovery, using proven collection methodologies, we prioritize the retention of business relationships.

We use proven techniques to reach the decision maker and solve problems through meaningful dialogue to get you paid fast!

We provide global commercial debt collections and litigation management services. All collections are on a contingency basis, which means there is no fee unless we collect money for you!

With a seasoned collection team, we have industry expertise to help you resolve disputes while preserving your business relationships. We develop the best strategy based on our experience, background investigation and we leverage that information in our negotiation process. Simply put – We collect more money!

Aldun Group can collect in any state in the U.S. and internationally. We are licensed, bonded and insured in all states and jurisdictions that require licensing and/or use an attorney in the debtor’s local area for litigation purposes.


Experienced. Focused. Determined.

Collection Philosophy

Customer retention is a vital part of the survival and growth of any organization and we are reminded of this in our collection strategy. Our unique approach sets us apart from our competitors, we foster open communication to have meaningful dialogue with your customers. With the right experience and professional attitude, the time and money you invested in building relationships can be saved.

Whether you choose to continue to do business with your customer again or not, it is important that we protect your company’s name and reputation in the marketplace.


First-Party Collection

Aldun Group First Party Accounts Receivable Management service provides a cost-effective method of turning your outstanding accounts receivable into cash as quickly as possible. By utilizing sophisticated technology and highly trained personnel, we are able to assure timely communication with your customers.

The Accounts Receivable Management program is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. This program is a seamless extension of your operations. All written communication is on your letterhead. Our representatives can respond directly to your customer’s questions, and/or inquiries. First party services include Pre-Collection / Early Outs, primary collections and account scoring.

Our team is committed to helping you increase net revenue and reduce the accounts receivable cycle while providing a high level of satisfaction.

Third-Party Collection

A combination of written demands and phone contact from a third-party agency, advanced skip tracing techniques, probability-to-pay scores, and development of best strategies to voluntarily resolve the debt without the need for forced liquidation of assets.

Communication is key to our business relationships and we are committed to working with your customers to find a viable solution to resolve any dispute and quickly recover your money.

We provide third-party debt collection services on behalf of our clients, and represent a wide variety of creditors, such as logistics, manufacturing etc.

Our team will recover your money quickly while protecting the integrity of the client relationship.

We will perform a comprehensive background check to determine their ability to repay the debt, legal status and location of assets prior to our first call. Advanced collection techniques enable us to engage the customer and to help ascertain the real reason for non-payment and provide a viable solution to bridge the gap.

We are dedicated to bring exceptional value through sound principles and industry expertise to ensure recovery of your money!

We can collect against individuals who are personally liable for business debt, which can happen in the event that there is a signed personal guarantee for the debt.

International Collection

We have extensive experience helping clients resolve disputes outside the U.S. without the need for attorney representation. Legal expense can escalate rapidly when engaging attorneys in other countries. We understand the international collection laws and procedures to navigate the legal process to protect our client’s rights.

Business Litigation

We have built a preferred network of attorneys over the years partnering with reputable and highly experienced attorneys who are focused on business debt litigation. We will exhaust every viable option to bring a resolution to the matter without the need for litigation.

Litigation is always as last resort, less than 5% of all claims placed with our firm require litigation. We never engage legal counsel without express client approval.

Post Judgment Recovery

We can help recover your money when a judgment has been entered, but there are difficulties in locating liable parties or assets available for liquidation. We use the latest technology to help locate assets and to find people, as necessary.

Our paralegals will facilitate preparation of all legal documents and procedures required for garnishments, property sale, and liquidation of other assets. We will inform you any upfront costs associated with any court filings before costs are incurred.


Aldun Group is in a position to act as a cost effective alternative to your internal collections department. We are able to offer a full range of accounts receivable management and first-party debt collection services.

We can provide experienced back office support with proven benefits of early outbound calling campaigns to ensure timely payments. We can help to reduce operating expenses, increase cash flow and allow you to focus on your core business!

Client Reporting
We provide detailed monthly collection reports to keep you well informed of our collection efforts. Our reports can be customized to meet specific needs.