Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

Aldun Group is committed to bring innovative solutions that empower you to have more control over the accounts receivable process. We have the expertise to recover your money through a process that protects the integrity of the relationship and collects your money fast!

What steps do you take to collect my claim?
Within 24 hours of a claim placed, Aldun Group will send a demand letter to your client electronically by email, fax and mailed the next business day. Next, we’ll begin a comprehensive background check on the company and liable parties to determine their ability to repay the debt. We are well prepared prior to our first call with the facts to develop the right approach to get you paid fast.
What type of accounts do you collect?

We only collect on business to business debt throughout the U.S. and internationally. We do not handle consumer debt collections. Please visit our Resource Center for assistance to locate a certified collection agency in your local area to help with your collection matter. Please contact our forwarding department should you need assistance. We will collect against individuals who are personally liable for business debt, which can happen in the event that there is a signed personal guarantee for the debt.

In what states can Aldun Group collect?
Aldun can collect anywhere in the U.S. and Internationally. We also represent foreign corporations that are owed money by a North American Corporation. We are licensed in all states and jurisdictions that require licensing and/or use an attorney in the debtor’s local area for litigation purposes.
Does Aldun Group provide debt collection services to foreign companies?

Yes. We also represent U.S. corporations which are owed monies by foreign corporations.

We handle all foreign debt collection in-house and NEVER forwarded your claim to another collection agency. We will only use our global network of attorneys when normal collection efforts have failed and litigation is necessary.

What does Aldun Group charge for collection services?

Our collection work is on provided on a contingency basis. Which means there is no fee unless we recover for you. Our contingency rates are based upon the amount of claim placed. We do offer discounted rates for Large Claims and those clients which place claims on a recurring monthly basis.

What Size Claim will You Collect?

We will accept all claims regardless of the amount provided the debt is a business to business transaction. We help recover all past due claims not just the big balance accounts. We’re funny that way!

When do I receive funds from Aldun Group?

We remit payment on the 5th of each month for the previous month’s activity. We do provide, at no charge, electronic payments for clients who place on a recurring monthly basis. All payments received from your customers will be deposited into our Client Trust Account. We will remit payment to you from this account.

How do I receive updates on my claims placed?

You can email or call our office anytime during business hours to obtain an update on claims placed. Our collectors are extremely responsive and keep you well informed with any developments to your claims. We will contact you by phone/email, whichever is your preference to discuss any dispute brought to our attention, settlement offers or payment plans offered.

It’s your money and you have total control of our collection process. We provide a detailed monthly collection activity report at the end of each month. Our reports can be customized to meet specific needs and also serves as an audit ready write-off report, should the claim be deemed uncollectable.

How do I place a claim?
  • Multiple claim electronic file submission
  • Place a claim by phone, email or by U.S. Mail
What type of companies do you provide credit risk management?
We provide risk management services for all companies from startup to large fortune 500 companies. Our consultants share their professional insight from working in corporate environments and understand the challenges of making informed credit decisions, and utilizing best practices to recover past due accounts when the customer does not pay. We build strategies that help you reduce bad debt exposure and to help maintain a low Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). We want to ensure that you maximize your borrowing ability when credit lines are tied to accounts receivable.

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